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Repairs and Rental of Machines

Kivi Farm boasts several big repairs facilities, where cars, tractors and other machines can be repaired, welding works and car service works carried out.

You can rent:

    • Opel Vectra
    • “Tshaika” (with a driver)
    • Sauna/bar bus (with a driver)
    • Scooter
    • Motor Sledge
    • Trailer

Opel Vectra is suitable for the guests, who wish to stay for an extended period at Kivi farm and take longer trips around Estonia.

Tshaika Gaz 14 with a driver. A classy car with a TV, a video-player, a bar and a CD-player. It is suitable for weddings and other celebrations.

Sauna/bar bus with a driver. The sauna has been built into a Russian small bus KAVZ 965. It enables the guests to take a sauna with them everywhere. The sauna is first and foremost designed for sweating and the washing facilities are rather modest. The sauna room accommodates three and the bar room good six people. The bus also includes a TV, a video-player, a CD-player and a fridge.






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